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Disclaimer: For those who are not familiar with the old time radio team of Amos ‘n’ Andy, one must be warned that the radio program, although the most popular radio program in the early days of radio, is highly controversial today, as it portrayed African-Americans in a negative manner, often resorting to stereotypes. For this reason, some people may find the following content offensive, but it has been published here for archival purposes, as it is a part of American and old time radio history and represents lost/missing episodes from the series.

 Amos and Andy

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April 16, 1930

“That Laugh—That Long Juicy Laugh—Was Amos’—He Was Laughing at Andy”

Things sure have changed with Amos ‘n’ Andy.

Shortly after 7 o’clock last night, millions heard a laugh come over the radio.  It was a long laugh, a fat juicy laugh.  It was, in fact, a horse laugh full of crescendos and embrodered with chuckles.

And folks, that laugh was not Andy’s.  It was Amos making that unseemly sound.

Poor little downtrodden Amos enjoying for the first time, the last laugh.  This may mark a new era in the relations of the Fresh Air Taxi partners for it is believed to be the first time Amos has ever had the laugh on Andy.

Amos burst out almost immediately last night when Andy started squawking about his telephone conversation with Madame Queen the night before.  You remember how Amos, answering the phone, turned it over to Andy, and Andy, thinking Susie was on the other end, got in hot water with the Queen.

Well, he isn’t getting any sympathy from Amos.

Andy also is on the verge of getting in dutch with Susie and her mammy.  He’s got to come through with a raincoat he promised the latter and it’s about due to arrive C. O. D.  He counts his money and he’s only got $1.10 after adding and “minusing.”  He thinks the postman can put him in jail and tells Amos so.

Amos’ condolence is another horse laugh.

But, despite all these troubles, you can’t break Andy’s big front.  Right at the most desperate moment last night, while Andy was looking dismayed at his dollar and dime, Susie calls up.   She wants to know what her big boy’s been doin’.

With that offhand, deprecating pomposity of his, Andy says:

“Oh, I’se just been sittin’ around here countin’ up my revestments.”

“Sho, sho,” chimes in Amos.

(Andy is going to need more than pomposity if that queen woman shows up tonight.)


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