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Disclaimer: For those who are not familiar with the old time radio team of Amos ‘n’ Andy, one must be warned that the radio program, although the most popular radio program in the early days of radio, is highly controversial today, as it portrayed African-Americans in a negative manner, often resorting to stereotypes. For this reason, some people may find the following content offensive, but it has been published here for archival purposes, as it is a part of American and old time radio history and represents lost/missing episodes from the series.

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April 18, 1930

“2 Girls, 2 Dates and Andy; Woe is He, and Why Not?” 

Tonight all will be known.  Millions of radio fans are waiting anxiously to learn which date Andy kept last night.  Did he go to see Susie, or did he go to see Madame Queen?

When the episode ended last night, the great question had not yet been decided.  Amos and Brother Brown, as you remember, spent their first 10 minutes trying to decide how the impasse could be gotten around.  They tried forward impasses and even lateral ones, but at the finish they had to throw a coin.

It was Andy’s idea.  “Heads it’s Madame Queen,” he says, taking that last dime out of his pocket, “an’ tails it’s Susie.”

“Awa, awa, it’s tails,” cries Amos, “now you gotta see Susie.”

Andy looks at the coin on the floor for a minute.  His expression is thoughtful.  You can almost hear him scratch his head.

“Amos,” he finally says, “ah guess we better make it two out of three.”

All joking aside, however, this woman business is gettin’ serious.  Last night, for instance, it almost caused a break between the Damon and Pythias of radio.  Andy, you know, proposed that he’d go around to Susie’s for supper, then Amos would show up and take Susie to the dance while Andy went calling on Madame Queen.

The only thing wrong with that idea was Amos.  Amos didn’t think so much of it.  In fact, he wouldn’t have nothing to do with it.  Andy got pretty hot over that.  Just wait till Ruby Taylor comes to town and Amos has a date on that night.  He won’t get any help from Andy.

But Amos, he says he don’t get his dates mixed that way.  But we all make mistakes and we’ll see what happens when Ruby finally arrives.


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