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August 24, 1939

Day by Day

By C. E. Butterfield
Associated Press Radio Editor

New York, Aug. 24—Short wave signals from overseas, so poor for about 12 hours that reception for network relay was almost impossible, seemed to have resumed normal status from noon on yesterday.  As a result program after program dealing with crisis was produced.

The difficulty encountered, due to magnetic disturbances, was not nearly so prevalent for the greeting of King Leopold of Belgium to the seven-power peace conference in mid-afternoon.  However, by night-fall, the difficulty had recurred, although the forecast is that reception will continue fair to good the rest of the week.

Today the chains arranged to continue as desirable their cancellation of regular programs to let in overseas broadcasts.  This morning close attention from 7:30 on was being paid to Prime Minister Chamberlain’s address to parliament, followed by the scheduled 10-minute statement at 2:30 p.m. (WHAS) from London on all networks by Foreign Secretary Halifax.  A recording of this statement is to be rebroadcast by MBS-chain at 8:15 tonight.

The advance schedule for tonight has these broadcasts:

5:30—John Gunter from Riga, Latvia.

5:45—Yvon Delbos from Paris—WEAF-NBC, 7 hour’s European Roundup.  Other broadcasts are expected.

Programs Tonight:

5:15—Luther-Layman Singers.
6:00—Rudy Vallee Hour—WFM-WLW.
8:00—Bob Burns Show—WSM-WLW.
9:15—Dance tunes.

5:30—Joe E. Brown.
6:00—Jim McWilliams Quiz—WHAS-KMOX.
7:00—Major Bowes Amateurs—WHAS-KMOX.
8:00—Workshop play “Meridian 7-1212”—WHAS.

6:30—It’s Up to You.
7:00—Toronto Symphony.
8:00—Drama, 1001 Wives.
8:30—Grant Park Concert.

8:30—Weber Concert Revue.

What to Expect Friday:

11:15 a.m.—Let’s Talk It Over.
1:45 p.m.—Guiding Light—WSM-WLW.
4:15—Malcolm Claire’s Stories.

2:30 p.m.—Herbert Donaldson, concert piano.
3:30—Davis Cup tennis.
4:45—Whitman Cup tennis—WHAS (Also WJZ-NBC 4:15).

10:30 a.m.—Farm and Home Hour—WSM-WLW
12:30 p.m.—Rhythm School.
2:00—Club Matinee—WLW.

2:00 p.m.—Salzburg Music Festival.

Over WHAS and KMOX

7:30 p.m.—First Nighter.
8:00—Grand Central Station.
8:30—Bob Ripley.
9:00—Amos ‘n’ Andy.
9:15—The Parker Family
9:30—Johnny Presents.

Over WSM and WLW
1:00 p.m.—Story of Mary Martin
1:15—Ma Perkins
1:30—Pepper Young’s Family.
9:00—Fred Waring.
10:30-11:30—Dance Music.

Kentucky New Era

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Negro Comedians Say They
Coined Expressions
“Regusted” and “Sho-Sho”


Claim Words were “Patented” and are Their Property

NEW YORK—Following close upon the discovery that the “Miller and Lyles” team, playing in “Shuffle Along of 1930” at Werba’s Flatbush Theatre, two weeks ago, were not the original comedians by that name, comes the news that the original Miller and Lyles team has instituted proceedings against the National Broadcasting Company and Amos and Andy, comedians who broadcast over that chain’s network.

It is understood that the suit is filed for the illegal use of words “patented and the property of Miller and Lyles” now used in the broadcasting of the popular team of “Amos and Andy.”  Mr. Cohen has asked for an injunction restraining the white comedians from using the material unless they pay a large sum to the owners of the copyrighted material.

Other rumors have it that this matter, which makes Amos and Andy the most popular radio team of today, was written for another colored team and by a colored writer, who is now enjoying a comfortable income as a result.  Press releases on “Amos and Andy” state that the material they use is original with them.

It was Walter Winchell of the “Mirror” who first called attention to the fact that Amos and Andy were using material formerly used by Miller and Lyles.  As a result, a general flurry in the theatrical world followed.

May 10, 1930 – the Afro American

Click here to listen to a 1930 broadcast of Amos ‘n’ Andy.  (April 4, 1930: “Ise Regusted”)

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