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Disclaimer: For those who are not familiar with the old time radio team of Amos ‘n’ Andy, one must be warned that the radio program, although the most popular radio program in the early days of radio, is highly controversial today, as it portrayed African-Americans in a negative manner, often resorting to stereotypes. For this reason, some people may find the following content offensive, but it has been published here for archival purposes, as it is a part of American and old time radio history and represents lost/missing episodes from the series.

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April 17, 1930

“It’s a Double Play, the Madame to Susie, and Whoever Wins, Andy Will Be Out”

Tonight’s the night, and Andy’s got to either sink or swim.

His women trouble has been gittin’ worser and worser every day and now he’s really in for it.

Last night the hot water he is in got even hotter.  It all came about when Susie called him up and invited him for supper.  Sho’, he’d come; he’d even take her to a dance afterwards.

But it also came to light last night that that “traveling salesman” is going to leave town today.  And you know what that means.  That means, most likely, Madame Queen will be calling Andy up some time today and asking him to come around and see her tonight.

Who’s it going to be—the Madame or Susie?

Another thing about last night’s episode.  Andy’s back at his old trick of brow-beating Amos.  Now he wants to make the ‘pore little fellow sign a contract.  One of those things with “party of the first part party of the second part” in it.

And you can bet your bottom dollar Andy’s going to be the party of  the first part.

Anyhow, Amos don’ wanna be under contract.  He don’t like “that under business.”  As he told Andy last night, he was under a bond one time and hereafter he’s going to be “on top” of any “contacts” he signs.

(Now, folks, get all ready for 7 o’clock tonight.  There’s going to be the devil to pay if Andy don’t watch his contacts, too.)


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