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In memory of Tony Curtis, OTRCAT has posted a couple of old time radio episodes in which Tony guest starred—including an episode of Suspense (McKat College Basketball Scandal, 09-24-1951) and an episode of Martin & Lewis from February 29, 1952.

Listen here!


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OKK Mystery1September 18, 1954
St. Petersburg Times

Jerry Lewis Now
Expert On Daytime TV

HOLLYWOOD—It took yellow jaundice and 30 days in bed but Jerry Lewis is now an expert on daytime television.

The famed zanier half of the Martin and Lewis team now recovering from his illness, estimated that he watched television 20 hours a day “including test patterns.”

“I learned how to baste a pot roast and also 78 different ways of murdering my wife,” says Jerry.

“I also saw a talent show in which an accordian player didn’t win first prize,” he adds.  He said he watched so many quiz shows that he thinks he will produce one of his own.

“It will be called ‘Stop the Money.’  We’ll give away music.”

The weather shows also are great.

“I’m lying in a bed in Southern California and the forecaster tells me rain is expected in New Hampshire.  Nothing about Southern California.”

Jerry got so starved for good daytime entertainment that Dean Martin made a rare and free appearance on a local afternoon disc jockey show just so he could entertain his sick partner.

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The riddle of the Andrews Sisters’ recording contract is still unsolved.  The girls have split professionally, but Decca has a contract binding them individually as well as in the trio form.  Patti Andrews, currently crooning on her own, is a valuable property, but no word from Decca on whether they’ll record her by herself.    (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Bette Davis and family were in the path of hurricane Carol as it swept through New England and with trees falling and home threatened, they had to vacate in a hurry.  We don’t have hurricanes in California—just earthquakes.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Life stories of famous singers on LP records probably will be the next disc trend thanks to the fabulous reception Bing‘s album—at $27.50 a copy—is getting.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Cecil B. De Mille escorted his daughter, Cecilia, to the premiere, and she goes with him to Egypt September 19 for his new picture, “The Ten Commandments.”  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Claudette Colbert’s eagle-eyeing of the scripts on her TV debut shows is giving the ad lads headaches.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Dana Andrews won an oscar for his radio show, “I Was a Communist for the FBI.”  The American Legion auxiliary presented him with a gold mike for his public service.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Gloria De Haven is peeved at Marilyn Maxwell for being a copy cat, she says.  Both gals divest themselves of their dresses during their nitery acts.  The only excuse for either is the hot weather.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Elaine Stewart is reported in love with this guy and that, but her heart belongs to textile tycoon Bob Evans, who was visiting here recently from New York.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Sam McDaniels, brother of late actress Hattie McDaniels, is hiring lawyers to determine what happened to over $250,000 she made in the movies that was reduced to nothing at the time of her death.  (Jet Magazine, 09-09-1954)

Caught Jack Webb waiting to go on TV.  He said he wasn’t thinking of marriage to Dorothy Towne—“until my divorce is final in November.”  But the way he read the line and looked at Dorothy, he didn’t fool me, let alone Sergeant Friday.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Janet Leigh must have been poured into her white Venetian lace fishskin-tight, high neck gown.  She bought it from her last picture, “Rouge Cop.”  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

My boy, Jerry Lewis, is financing bandleader Buddy Rich, in his solo P.A. tour  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Joe Di Maggio has a definite date in the East for the World Series.  But as of now, the guy going with Marilyn Monroe to New York, for location with her movie, is Roy Kraft in the Twentieth Century-Fox publicity department.  Someone has to keep the New York wolves away.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Not that Johnny Desmond has been guaranteed the starring role in the screen biography of Russ Columbo, the only remaining mystery about the picture is how the drumbeaters are going to explain to the vast army of moviegoers under 45 who Russ Columbo was and why they should be fascinated with his life story.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Katy Jurado wore a matador’s heavily embroidered coat, complete with crucifix, for the flashy premiere of “The Egyptian.”  She bought it in Spain . . . And Bella Darvi, the Babylonian menace in the film, twoed with Brad Dexter, who was married for a short spat to Peggy Lee.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Lester Young, the sax king, is superstitious.  He will not make a recording date on Friday, the 13th, which was the reason he quit Count Basie’s band 16 years ago.  (Jet Magazine, 09-16-1954)

Lillian Gish, who returns to the screen in “Night of the Hunter,” says picture making is not so different from the old days, except then every director wanted to act, and now every actor wants to direct.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Lucky Millinder’s estranged wife, Clara, and Bob Turner, the fabulous merchant seaman who returns from trips with perfumes and silks, are past the hand-holding stage.  (Jet Magazine, 09-16-1954)

Louise Beavers and co.Night Club Gossipers:  Actress Louise Beavers appears to be sharing friendly gossip at Hollywood’s Trocadero with an old friend, wealthy ex Ziegfeld Follies girl Mrs. Ethel Weiss (l.) and blues singer Dana Leslie, protege of pianist-composer Eddie Beal.  Trio attended club debut of band leader Louis Jordan.  (Jet Magazine, 09-09-1954)



Nat King Cole may co-star in a spy movie.  In Hollywood, producer Walter Wanger revealed that he is “considering” co-starring famed crooner-pianist Nat (King) Cole in a forthcoming movie opposite either Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney in a spy thriller.  (Jet Magazine, 09-16-1954)

The Rev. E. J. Cole of Chicago will pay his first visit to a night club Oct. 28 when he occupies a table of honor at the Copacabana when his son, Nat King, stars in the floor show.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

DietrichKissed by night club singer Billy Daniels, Hollywood glamour queen Marlene Dietrich blissfully closes eyes to return buss.  The singer’s torrid rendition of Old Black Magic is actress’ favorite tune.  Billy is currently at Hollywood club.  (Jet Magazine, 09-16-1954)








Pals are urging Martha Raye to take an extensive rest.  Her collapse during the Atlantic City night-club engagement has them worried, and so has her incessant offstage go-go-go.  They feel she’s ebullient enough as a performer, should coast when there isn’t an audience.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Pearl Bailey is training for her big role in “House of Flowers” harder than Marciano is training for Charles.  She’s dropped 22 pounds in three months and expects to shed eight more by opening night.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Shirley Temple can return to pictures any time she wants to.  She received the biggest hand from the bleacher fans.  Her husband, Charlie Black, is handsome enough to be a movie star.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Almost overlooked at the star-studded premiere was Simone Silva, escorted by Chuck McArthur.  “I start my first picture in Hollywood, ‘The Sicilian,’ next month,” she told me.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

“How d’ye like my guy?” Sonja Henie asked.  I did a double take and there was Superman—George Reeves—on her arm.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Imagine Ty Power’s astonishment, not to mention chagrin, when he was asked to grow a beard for his latest picture, “The Untamed,” and the hair on his chinny chin chin came out snow white!  The makeup department took care of nature.  (Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, 09-11-1954)

Yul Brynner left “The King and I” in Denver to return to Colorado for more plastic surgery on the nose he injured last year.  He hopes to rejoin the company in Iowa.  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

Yul Brynner, after that operation on his nose, phoned to say he looks like a Mongolian Rocky Marciano.  He’ll probably still be wearing the bandages when he opens in “The King and I” in Des Moines this week.  . . . plans for next year, Yul said, “When I finish ‘The Ten Commandments,’ I would like to go back to directing and leave the acting to others.”  (Toledo Blade, Sep. 12, 1954)

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August 18, 1954

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Orson Welles once called Mercedes McCambridge “the greatest living radio actress,” and the Pittsburgh radio audience will have a chance to check his judgement when she appears in “Eye Witness,” on KQV’s “Stars Over Hollywood,” on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

You’ll be hearing “Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy,” in quite another role if you tune to KQV’s “FBI in Peace and War” tonight.  The All-American Boy will be cast as a suave racketeer.  Radio’s contribution to juvenile delinquency no doubt.

A man tries to get his wife’s inheritance by driving her insane in “Burial at High Point,” on Inner Sanctum on Channel 2 tonight at 9.

“This is the Past,” on Channel 13 tonight at 6:30 promises to be exceptionally interesting for armchair adventurers.  A film entitled “Salvaging Art from the Sea,” it will deal with underwater treasure hunting amid the wrecks of ancient ships.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis will star on the first of the “Comedy Hour” series this season.  The show is scheduled for September 19.  This will be the comedy team’s fifth straight year on the big TVer.

Peter Lawford will have his own situation comedy series on NBC-TV this fall.  Called “Dear Phoebe,” it will have Marcia Henderson as the feminine co-star and a newspaper office setting.  It is scheduled for Friday nights at 9:30, but no indication yet whether it will be seen in this area.

The Fibber McGee and Molly series and “The Great Gildersleeve” radio programs on NBC and KDKA will be back-to-back on the fall schedules.  Beginning Sunday, August 29, Fibber and Molly will be heard at 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday broadcasts from 10:15 to 10:30 p.m.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

12:25 p.m. – Game of the Day.  Philadelphia vs. New York, National League, is today’s game.—WTSP

3:45 p.m. – Mike and Buff’s Mail Bag.  Audrey Meadows, a lady presumably well versed in methods of tracking, will discourse on a subject of vital interest to every male old enough to care:  “How to Get a Girl.”—WDAE

7:15 p.m. – Peter Lind Hayes Show.  Baritone Jack Haskell and the Normal Paris Trio will give forth with music popular and sweet.  Hayes will do his usual commentary and clowning.—WDAE

8:00 p.m. – FBI in Peace and War.  Baited by promise of nationwide fame, the winner of a county fair cooking contest succumbs to a “Strictly Corn” scheme to invest her widow’s mite in a phony grocery manufacturing project—WDAE

9:30 p.m. – Theatre Royal.  Distinguished British actor Robert Donat and Renee Ascherson, his wife, will star in the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, “The Sire de Maletroit’s Door.”  Sir Laurence Olivier will introduce the couple on this program of dramas adapted from works of famous authors—WFLA

10:00 p.m. – Squad Room.  A mugger with a demented mind poses a serious threat to law and order.  Tonight’s drama tells of the means used to bring this criminal to justice and proper medical care—WTSP

From the Toledo Blade

7:45:  June Hutton is special guest on the Eddie Fisher show—CKLW

8:00  “Welcome Home Lefty,” a baseball story, on It Happens to You—WSPD, WWJ, WLW

8:30  Stop the Music returns to the air with Bill Cullen as emcee—WJR

9:00  Detectives Friday and Smith handle another Dragnet case—WSPD, WWJ, WLW

9:30  “Arteriosclerosis” is the topic of Search That Never Ends broadcast—CKLW

Television Highlights

7:00  Molly and Jack do a vaudeville turn during the Goldbergs’ vacation at Pincus Pines—2, 8, 6, 7Da, 73.
7:30  My Little Margie discovers that baby sitting can be dangerous work—13.
8:00  Kindly grocer risks his family’s security in Summer Playhouse drama, “The Co-Signer”—13, 4, 3, 2Da, 33.
8:30  William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” is the finale of Suspense series—13, 2, 5, 7Da.
8:30  Julie Haydon and Zachary Scott co-star in “The Grand Tour” on the Steel Hour—7, 8, 6.

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55 Years Ago Today
At the Movies

Danny Kaye in "Knock on Wood" - August 13, 1954

Danny Kaye in "Knock on Wood" - August 13, 1954

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in "The Long, Long Trailer." - August 13, 1954

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in "The Long, Long Trailer." - August 13, 1954

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in "Living it Up." - August 13, 1954

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in "Living it Up." - August 13, 1954

Roy Rogers in "My Pal Trigger," plus "Capt. America." - August 13, 1954

Roy Rogers in "My Pal Trigger," plus "Capt. America." - August 13, 1954

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