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Disclaimer: For those who are not familiar with the old time radio team of Amos ‘n’ Andy, one must be warned that the radio program, although the most popular radio program in the early days of radio, is highly controversial today, as it portrayed African-Americans in a negative manner, often resorting to stereotypes. For this reason, some people may find the following content offensive, but it has been published here for archival purposes, as it is a part of American and old time radio history and represents lost/missing episodes from the series.

Amos 'n' Andy

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Tuesday, April 15, 1930

What is Ol’ Andy Going to Tell Madame Queen?

If 20,000,000 radio fans hear a peculiar, hollow-sounding laugh tonight when they turn on the dial at 7 sharp, it’s just about 20,000,000 to 1 that it’ll be Andrew Brown, the well-known taxi magnate, trying to laugh off that sweligant siren of Harlem, Madame Queen.

And if you know anything about Madame Queen, you know laughing her off is some job; a job for a hyena, as Amos might say. The truth is, as nearly everybody who listened in last night is aware, Andy is in a jam.

Course it’s all Amos’ fault. It always is. But if Andy is going to have woman trouble, he can’t expect Amos to be keeping his women apart for him. Last night, for instance, Amos ‘n’  Andy were talking over Andrew’s heart failures in the office of their taxi company.

Seems Madame Queen been treating Andy pretty shabbily of late, what with paying attention to that “traveling man” of hers and not giving Andrew a date. So, it turns out, Andy’s going around to see Susie. No use trying to fool himself, he’s still in love with that Queen woman, but just the same he’s going around to see Susie soon as she phones and lets him know whether her Mammy is going t’ be t’ home.

Well, you can guess what happened. They sits around waitin’ for that call to come in and it finally comes. Amos, he’r right by the phone, so he answers “Sho, sho, Andy’s right here; yes, indeedy, jus’ hol’ de line,” he gushes.

Up steps Andy to the receiver nonchalantly. He clears his throat. He pauses, and you can almost hear him wink at Amos, as he begins:

Good evenin’, Miss Susie; I’se relighted to hear from you!”

A sudden hush. Then a funny rasping sound like the noise of a telephone being torn out of the wall. At last you hear the frightened, squeaky voice of poor little Amos:

“Dat war’nt Susie, Andy; dat was Madame Queen.”

Tonight Andy’s got to laugh it off–if he can.


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