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Ann Sothern’s radio roots go back to at least 1935, but today she’s not thinking about radio or the movies. Today she has concluded shopping for a scar—an appendectomy scar, that is–and is preparing for a stay at Good Samaritan Hospital this coming Sunday, where she will receive the appendectomy and the scar. 

“So many girls are marred by their scars,” explained Miss Sothern. “There are all kinds of appendicitis incisions. They come square, long, short, jagged, triangular and blotchy. I have discussed all possible scars with my physician and I have chosen what I believe to be the most artistic, by far. It will be in the shape of a cresent. I think it will look kind of cute. 

“It’s costing me so much I’m going to keep it just for myself. I will contemplate its artistry in private. I had saved my money for a sable coat, but I decided I’d better get a scar after my physician advised an immediate operation. After deciding on the shape, I had to decide where to get it. 

“I went shopping for a room in all the hospitals in town… That’s because I am a person who is susceptible to her surroundings. If the room is gloomy, I am too. So I chose a room with southern exposure. I also arranged to take along my own table lamps and my own pictures. I am going to the hospital Sunday and the first thing I intend to do is hang some bright water colors on the wall. Then there is the little matter of clothes. The hospital people said they would put me in a kind of white wrapper for the operation. Now I don’t like that idea. A girl looks her worst in a white wrapper. And even though I’ll be unconscious, I still don’t like it.”

Miss Sothern said she thought the “germs” connection was considerable nonsense, and that she was having two dozen silk, satin, crepe and lace nightgowns, in shades of blue, pink, peach and black, laundered under the most sanitary conditions.


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