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Name Bands Spotted

NEW YORK—Benny Goodman will begin a weekly series of swing concerts to be sponsored by Martin Block of WNEW’s “Make Believe Ballroom,” on September 12, at Manhattan Center.

The concert series was formerly held at the Criterion Theatre in Times Square every Sunday morning, and the switch to Manhattan Center was due to the greater audience capacity, the latter holding 7,500 persons as compared to the Criterion’s 1500.

Orchestras to be featured in the group include those of Jimmie Lunceford, Fats Waller, Erskine Hawkins, Ella Fitzgerald, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Gene Krupa.

September 16, 1939 – The Afro American


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Negro Comedians Say They
Coined Expressions
“Regusted” and “Sho-Sho”


Claim Words were “Patented” and are Their Property

NEW YORK—Following close upon the discovery that the “Miller and Lyles” team, playing in “Shuffle Along of 1930” at Werba’s Flatbush Theatre, two weeks ago, were not the original comedians by that name, comes the news that the original Miller and Lyles team has instituted proceedings against the National Broadcasting Company and Amos and Andy, comedians who broadcast over that chain’s network.

It is understood that the suit is filed for the illegal use of words “patented and the property of Miller and Lyles” now used in the broadcasting of the popular team of “Amos and Andy.”  Mr. Cohen has asked for an injunction restraining the white comedians from using the material unless they pay a large sum to the owners of the copyrighted material.

Other rumors have it that this matter, which makes Amos and Andy the most popular radio team of today, was written for another colored team and by a colored writer, who is now enjoying a comfortable income as a result.  Press releases on “Amos and Andy” state that the material they use is original with them.

It was Walter Winchell of the “Mirror” who first called attention to the fact that Amos and Andy were using material formerly used by Miller and Lyles.  As a result, a general flurry in the theatrical world followed.

May 10, 1930 – the Afro American

Click here to listen to a 1930 broadcast of Amos ‘n’ Andy.  (April 4, 1930: “Ise Regusted”)

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